Villafranca del Bierzo/O Cereibro

Villafranca del Bierzo/O Cereibro
Up at 6 am – Direction O Cereibro

Arrived at 1o.30
Watched my « mochila » safely installed as the taxi overtook us. Was a bit concerned about it. The cost was Euros 4. The view all the way was breathtaking.
I did not think it was the hardest climb. I also thought it would have taken longer than that to reach it. I almost regretted to have « sent » the « mochila’ by Taxi.:)
Walking along the rural area was an eye-opener. I loved the simplicity of it, everything was in harmony with nature, – how ingenious their reticulation system was, how self-sufficient they were, the colours of the landscape, all blending in –
Everything in that part of Spain is used to conserve energy. Sometimes, I thought it was a bit too much.
For example, you go to the toilets – you don’t even have time to sit down and the light goes off – then you find yourself doing gymnastics with your hands, trying to connect again 🙂 The lack of toilet paper as well used to be a bit annoying. I made sure I checked before I closing the door.
I also learned to check the shower prior to having it, to see what I could bring in or not. My clothes got wet on a few occasions (I noticed that after a few days of walking) The distribution of water can be restricted. In some instances, you have to push the button, lather yourself with soap – and whoosh… the water supply has already disappeared. I thought of holding the soap in my mouth, juggling around with one hand and trying to pick up the soap with the other one, still did not work. Those were the quickest showers I have ever had and I can be pretty good with that as I am conscious of saving energy. I have never fully discussed that with the others to see how they managed the situation, Perhaps, I should have… I wonder..I also did not appreciate on a couple of occasions, not having shower curtains or a door on the shower. It was all in the open. I know we are all the same – well almost – 🙂 I still have a sense of decorum. I like to be able to decide on that aspect myself. I don’t like people imposing it . I know it is less work. It was in the women’s bathrooms..just to reassure you, I slang my towel around and in a controlled flick of the hand I put it across the rail. Privacy was ensured.:)
The Albergue was on the hill. Because we arrived early, the Albergue was not opened until 1.30pm Already a queue was forming and tempers became frayed amongst some of the people. Gary had left his small bag in front and we went back to get our mochilas which had been delivered to a Mason whatever. When we came back, we put our 6 mochilas next to his small bag. That did not go down too well with some people. It resulted that the place got filled in no time the last person that got in lucky was a Japanese. The others had to keep going. It was the first time I have seen this. I had the feeling the end of the Camino is getting closer as well more people were travelling on the road.

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